Magnificent Bias Putih Beach popular with Virgin Beach as the Most Peace and Beautiful Bali’s Beach


White Sand Beach

Bali is the place of beach paradise. As the name of “Island of God”, Bali has many amazing beaches. One of the most attractive beaches is Virgin Beach. The beach is not as popular as Kuta beach, Sanur beach, or Nusa Dua beach. But, Virgin Beach has the title as beautiful hidden beach.

However, not all the people know about Virgin Beach because of its hard approaching road and the trouble to find vehicles, so it has “Virgin” as the name. But, once you arrive at the beach, you will find a large and beautiful white sand beach with calm wave and clear sky. Virgin Beach is located in the Karangasem Regency and among two big hills: Apen hill and Panggiang hill.

Bias Putih Beach Amusing That You Can Enjoy Peacefully

The one and only problem to reach Virgin Beach or Bias Putih Beach is its trouble to find vehicles. If you don’t hire a private driver or tour guide, they said that some of residence may give you fake information about Virgin Beach location. It is 2 hours away from Kuta, Bali. So, you have to be well prepared before go into the beach.

But, it is truly worth it once you arrive at the Virgin Beach. If you are expected to have a crowded beach with many people do sunbathing or surfing, you never find it in the Virgin Beach. As the name of virgin, the beach is still quiet. So, it is the perfect place to having some private time for you.

Moreover, the white sand of virgin beach is kind of different with other beaches in Bali. Virgin beach is still have no rubbish around, so it is truly enjoy your eyes together with it clear blue sea and calm sea shore. You can find most of international tourist around. You can also still get the chance to do snorkeling here. The merchantmen prepared some snorkeling tools for tourism with a fair price. It will complete the tourism object as well.

Then, if you feel hungry, there are some food and beverage merchantmen around. Some of tourist also take the beach as per-wedding background and pitch a tent for a night. You can imagine the night under a clear sky with calm sea and warm bonfire. It is really worth to try to visit the beach. You won’t feel disappoint after reach the beach. Feel the different of one of hidden beach in Bali.