Important Itineraries That You Must Prepare to Visit White Sand Beach in Bali


White Sand Beach

The White Sand beach is one of the latest tourism places in Bali. The location on the east part of Bali Just 40 minute drive from Candidasa. Candidasa has many resort and hotel as similar to other beaches. Do you know it? If you don’t, you really need to read the following Candidasa Reviews. Yet, many facilities have already been built. You must be satisfied when enjoying the view of Candidasa. Both public and private facilities there are also well equipped. So, it must be so entertaining to have a holiday there, right?

What to Prepare When Visiting White Sand Beach

In preparing to visit some places, you must think about it carefully. Preparing the accommodation, transportation, and also other itineraries will be helpful enough. And here is what you need to prepare when visiting beach in Candidasa, Bali.

Hotel and Resort – You should know that many resorts and hotels are built there. Three of the most popular resort is designed with spa. Those resorts and spas are Nirwana Resort and Spa, Rama Resort and Spa, and Candidasa Beach Resort and Spa. One of the popular hotels is Candidasa hotel. For each Resort and Spa has each superiority. For the resort and spa, it must focus on its hospitality and service. Yet, the hotel gives the best atmosphere for the guests. The facility in White Sand Beach is complete, right?

Car and Motorbike Rental – Another facility that is provided by the tourism department in Bali is Car and Motorbike rental. There, each rental has similar rental agreement and rental rates. For each agreement and rate, the car and motorbike rental must follow the same terms and conditions. This condition creates a good condition among the owners of rental business. Directly, it makes Candidasa Beach is so well-known for its discipline. You may not believe it, but the fact is like that.

Other Services – One of the most popular part in Candidasa is the private driver. This driver works on a tour agent. Sometimes, the guest should book the driver for a full-day trip or a half-day trip. However, the price depends on the condition of tourism movements. If the peak season is coming, the price can be so expensive. Usually, this service is used by honeymoon couple.

In order to get more guests to White Sand Beach, several festivals are done. Sometimes, the tourism department in Bali conducts a contest around White Sand area. This concept can gain more visitors for both beach and resort. Thus, you must be informed, agree? I am afraid if you get the wrong